What health goal setbacks is holding you from reaching your target?

What health goal setbacks is holding you from reaching your target?

Health goal setbacks is common among those who have tried to get fit or remain fit. Recently, I had a conversation with my sister. You probably didn’t even know that I have a sister and you might be wondering how this has to do with health goal setbacks.

She used to be a respected and successful, Olympic figure skating coach. She even went to the Olympics with Sacha Cohen.

Each day, I learn more and more about you girls and this group and how and why people have trouble “ sticking it out” or feeling things like. I have fallen off the wagon or I haven’t been able to eat right or I had this stress happen.

I think you would agree that sometimes there is the stuff that comes up that makes you feel like something may not be consistent with “how to follow a fitness plan”. Am I right? Does this make sense?

So my sister shared this question and asked me to ask my Eat Your Way To Fit Group. At first, her question seemed not to make sense to me. However, with time and being in this group, it has made sense. Am grateful to the amazing group and the support.

So I propose the question. What health goal setbacks is holding you from reaching your target?

Health goal setbacks  despite trying different things

I have tried every diet in the book and my group is NOT about a diet or losing weight. Yes losing weight is a goal for many. However, I want to inspire you to get out of that mindset.

This group is not a diet, not a don’t do this or don’t eat that or you fell off the wagon so take a break until you’re ready, and then we are having this same conversation 6 months later.

This group is about CHOICES & THOUGHTS when it comes to overcoming health goal setbacks.

Life is life and whatever stress, anxiety, challenges, or troubles, you will not disappear. Not EVER! It is more likely that if you fix one stress, another may arise and that may easily become more of a cycle.

If your kids aren’t listening and you fix that, your husband may not listen to you.

If you hate your job and decide to quit, there is a chance that you’ll be upset about the fact that you quit because you can’t find another job.

Whatever it is, there will be something else. Nothing is ever perfect, right?

You were single and wanted a boyfriend, then you got a boyfriend and maybe he was a jerk. You got a new boyfriend and wanted to get engaged. You got engaged but learned that his family didn’t approve of your relationship.

You wanted to get pregnant and did. However, you hated pregnancy and wanted the baby out. Baby comes out so sweet but then won’t sleep.

Are you with me? There is always something.

Fortunately, the one thing that doesn’t change is YOU. Wanting to get fit “but fall off the wagon” because of whatever reason you have. That was my story. Health goal setbacks were always my daily cup. I always wanted to get fit.

I HEAR you. So what health goal setbacks are you having now or facing now? It’s OK to eat something not on the plan or skip a workout once or twice in a week or the worst, thrice. Sadly, these “falling offs” don’t fix any of our life’s challenges.

I would love to invite you to try to answer this question by writing it out and burning that paper. Yep, you heard me right.

Let us get rid of the things that are always holding you back.

For me, it was my mom who was never there for me. I wrote her a letter and burned it.

This is me, right now. In my body shaper, no makeup, not comfortable posting no-makeup face. I’m here for you and with you. I will show up again tomorrow for you and with you.

I used to feel that I needed someone to keep me accountable because that’s when I stuck with it like a Vegas trip or a bodybuilding competition.

Karina Fitness

I stayed long enough for some goals but fell off the wagon too after I did not complete. In the process I gained weight, COVID 19 happened and I gained even more weight.

What held me back was the thought that I needed something like a coach or a Vegas trip.

An “end goal”

There is No end! The end will make me gain weight back!

What held me back was that mindset of needing a person so instead, I found YOU and this group.

I hope this helps you think & realize what’s holding you back to move forward.

Beating the health goals setbacks

Beating health goal setbacks involves being mindful of what goes into your mouth. I had a rotisserie chicken for dinner with a little bit of hummus. The chicken was cold, I was tired and didn’t feel like warming it up and it’s pretty good cold with some hummus.  4 oz & 4 tablespoons of hummus. That’s it

I forgot how simple dinner can be when you’re alone. I didn’t even turn the lights on. I had just got home from a massage. I needed it. Grabbed chicken and that was it.

My husband was upstairs with the kids.

I realized that when I’m alone, I find it easier to eat super healthy and it’s nice to go feeling comfortable vs that feeling I ate too much.

How to eat clean and healthy


Overcoming Health Goal Setbacks with Healthy Guidelines

You can edit all numbers to set Sodium to 2300 & sugar to 48g. These are healthy numbers people should eat according to the government health guidelines.

Most people go over. You can set them under goals in the app and see how you eat.

With my 2 fruit servings plus Red Vines ( ended up having 5 twists, I have no control once they opened and fresh). I have eaten a total of 69g of sugar once and sometimes before having dinner. Then comes going out for a birthday and having goads of wine.

With all that, now, I know not to get on the scale the next day IF I don’t want to see my truth.

These numbers speak. It’s your body talking.

Hope this is helpful. These numbers are just good to know for health awareness.

It will get easier and life is to enjoy.  This knowledge eventually will also help you.

  • Get to the goal.
  • Be healthier and
  • Have easier time to maintain

Here are some other helpful snacks, foods to eat on the go

310 shake is a meal replacement and costs only $68.

Veggies, carrots, cucumber, tomato, apples, banana, Lara Bar,  Tiger Bar, Boiled Eggs are sold at Costco and are already cooked, String Cheese, there’s pre-made chicken at the ready to eat section which can also be eaten cold.


Overcoming health goals setbacks with Self Control

I had a revelation while preparing my 7 year old son for the Orange Belt test.  My son is taking Tae Kwon Do and he is ready to take the Orange Belt test.  We have been going over the 5 tenants he needs to know and needs to know what each one means.  We have been going over Self Control.

This reminded me that in order to succeed with a fitness journey, you NEED TO HAVE Self Control.

I know it’s hard but if we’re going to teach our kids to have self-control, then why don’t we teach the same thing to ourselves?

I teach my boys, don’t hit, don’t say bad words, don’t fight, don’t push, don’t throw among other behaviors I consider not good. I say things like, NO MORE snack, No more cookies, no more ice cream, it is too much. I know you do the same if you’re a mom.

No More Ipad.  I say NO MORE of something I KNOW is bad for them.

So I want you to remember what you teach your kids and do the same SELF CONTROL with yourselves.

No more Donuts, No more chocolate IF you already had some. Look at your food that you are tracking to see how your day and week is going.  It is Wednesday,not late to get started.

What are you doing to have self control in this journey? What is the thing holding you back?

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