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About me and my programs

I create fitness program for all.  To get started, it’s best to choose one that’s right for you. The FitAF Membership is where I coach you, teach you, go LIVE with you via ZOOM.This is a program for those who are ready to commit to change their lifestyle. It is not a 30-day challenge, this is a LIFE changing program.  It will help you create your lifestyle that way you can Eat Your Way To Fit. This is my best program for only $29.99 a month / $199 a year you will get my exact formula that got me and many of my clients fit in 6-months. It includes a very detailed E-book with a nutrition guide and I will be coaching you via a group on Facebook. This program includes Daily brand new, workouts which you can do at ANY time.

This program offers you the most innovative way to tone and lose weight by following a customized nutrition plan and video workouts. The best program for busy Women and Moms like me who need daily support. Legit commit, not to Quit! 


The results of this daily commitment to working out are one of a kind, and you will achieve your goals if you allow me to guide you, teach you and have patience.  You are what you eat, and my specialty is knowing how to help you modify the foods you love and help you make it a lifestyle. With the Fit AF membershipyou can now access all my knowledge and motivation from anywhere, at any time. 

I started my fitness journey on my 40th birthday with a fitness coach and I noticed that I was getting bored of his bland meal plan and i started making changes to eat before I quit another thing I bought.  Within six months I created a lifestyle that allowed me to Eat the way I want and i decided to become a certified personal trainer and a nutrition coach and teach other women to create their best lifestyle that fits their life.  There is no perfect diet that works for all. But there is a way to create your perfect diet that works for you.

Equipment required: Measuring food tools. My resistance bands that will attach to your door, booty bands, and dumbbells are optional when you have my bands. Plus, my waist training products are a game changer when added to your fitness regimen. Check them out by clicking the button below.

My other programs are just as amazing and don't require membership. I am a Full-time Stay at home Mom to two little boys, a wife and don't have staff to help me with my business.  I spend most of my time working with my members and help all as much as I can.

Some of my other programs are 30-day challenges that can be found here.